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Ameta - Meta Tag Editor and Optimizer

AMeta allows you to create sets of meta tags that you can quickly write out to any of your pages. It has options to randomize the order of your keywords to give each page a slightly new twist.

Meta Tags are the hidden information stored in your HTML web pages that the search engines use to determine AMeta will save you hours of maintenance by storing your keyword and meta information together in the one place, allowing you to write it to any page you desire whenever you want! This is very helpful to any one who is looking to create a website and maintain it.

AMeta ensures you always create the right Meta Tags in the correct format for the Search Engines to read.

Ameta can help you by storing your keyword sets for future use, reading then adjusting and saving back to your HTML pages quickly and easily.

Add to all of this the best technical support around, free program updates, 30 day money back guarantee and you have a complete package. Got a problem? Need to know how to do something? Just ask our tech support. and they will be glad to help. Information Packaging prides itself on great support, don't wait days for answers or get no answer at all, try us!

AMeta Features:

Ameta is a Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP utility for reading and writing Meta Tags.

Meta Tags are vitally important in the success of your website. Search engines use your Meta Tags to determine your ranking, description and keywords. Ameta has powerfull features to help you maintain your website in the search engines and make the most of your keywords.

Read and Write Meta Tags directly to and from your HTML pages.

Read and Write templates, quickly reuse your Meta Tags.

Powerfull keyword manipulation features. (Capitolization, Keyword Order, and more...)

Through our experience, Ameta puts in place the Meta Tags that are most commonly used today on the internet.

List Management Features: Add, Remove, De-duplicate and Merge.

Generate trap pages, write Meta Tags to and from your pages.

Free Email Support.

Free Upgrades.


System Requirements:
Pentium or greater CPU
10 MB Hard Disk Space
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
VGA or greater display


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